Technology Testing

Harnessing augmented reality to increase equality in the built environment.

A partnership with the ‘instructive construction’ startup to identify and test impact-led applications of augmented reality construction technology in developing contexts.

Technology Testing for Affordable Housing

When implemented appropriately for each unique context, emerging technologies can contribute to increased equality in the built environment by improving the efficiency and quality of low-skill construction processes. ISD Foundation has a collaborative partnership with the Zürich-based ‘instructive construction’ startup to identify opportunities for impact-led applications of their cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) construction technology. transforms everyday mobile devices into high-accuracy building tools for local construction projects. The app guides builders through the different building steps and provides live feedback, instructing and training simultaneously to achieve a wide variety of structural forms more efficiently. It detects possible errors instantly to ensure normative building standards, while supporting local building practices.

Through our CEO Ben Mansfield, ISD Foundation facilitated testing of the technology during the construction of a shading system for the MangoTree school project in Lamu, Kenya. The success of this trial was the catalyst for a new project in the Philippines that involved the creation of a customized training app to support the delivery of 10,000 affordable homes in partnership with BASE Bahay and the Hilti Foundation. learning and digital guidance is now integrated into all BASE Bahay building processes in the Philippines.

ISD Foundation is currently leading the testing and application of’s AR construction technology on new projects in partnership with an innovative social development and climate adaptation focused architecture practice and housing developer in Kenya.

Lamu, Kenya
2021 – 2022
MangoTree School, Lamu, Kenya, Zurich, Switzerland
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